Long Island Cash Buyers VS Real Estate Agents

Working with Cash Buyers V.S Real Estate Agents — The Break Down.

You may have considered selling your home recently and have heard about working with Cash Buyers instead of a Traditional Real Estate Agent. In this article, we will break down some of the differences between working with both Real Estate Agents and Cash Buyers.

Fees and Commissions:

Cash Buyers: No Commissions.

Real Estate Agents: 4-6% of the total sold price of your home.

House Needs Repairs:

Cash Buyers: Will Buy Houses “As-Is” — not requiring you to make expensive repairs.

Real Estate Agents: They have no idea if your house needs repairs or not. And you will not find out until the buyer’s bank orders a Home Inspection. If the Inspection Fails, the Bank will not Finance the deal.

Closing Time Frame:

Cash Buyers: Typically close in less than 30 days, or as soon as you want.

Real Estate Agents: Since Real Estate Agents work on a Commission only Basis. They may want to list your house for sale at a very high price to maximize their commissions, thus keeping your house on the market longer than needed. You will have to keep carrying the costs of the home until it’s sold.

Showing The House:

Cash Buyers: In most cases, cash buyers may only need to visit the home 1-2 times before closing.

Real Estate Agents: May show your home up to 10 times while having it listed for sale. This can really be hard on your daily schedule.

As you can probably see already if you want or need to Sell Your House Fast on Long Island NY and your house may need some hidden repairs, working with a cash buyer may be beneficial for you. 

If you have any questions at all or would like a Fast and Free Cash Offer on your house, please contact us at any time. 


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